The competition has just finished... You've done your very best and brought to the stage the greatest physique of your life...
BUT... You had to congratulate the person next to you on winning the show.

Desperate, you can't help asking yourself what went wrong? 

Because, every single thing was on point, you did everything by the book and you incorporated all the little wisdoms of the trade that you meticulously collected through years.
You had your share of blood, sweat, and tears in the gym, the nutrition plan and supplementation were followed to the very detail... The job you have done with your prep coach is obviously the work of art...

As you calm yourself down, the questions emerge:
Was I really adequately prepared to present my very best in front of the judges and in front of the audience?
How much effort and time did I put into practicing my posing routine, choosing my posing suit and all the styling accessories that come into play?

The vast majority of competitors fail to put the icing on a cake before they appear under that bright spotlight. Not thinking about your posing is like trying to dance without knowing the dance steps and moves. The posing routine should be your personal way of presenting your conditioning, your own personal signature. And the styling is the shiny wrapping that emphasizes your strengths and quality.

So... How do you learn the art of posing?
You probably tried to teach yourself by watching others or you stumbled across some random tutorial on Youtube. The reality is not two persons have the same physique, and also not everyone learns how to dance the same way.

Through many years of competing, and then working with many different competitors, I succeeded in finding the way to reach to everyone of them in a specific way that suits each of them personally. My method is founded on respect for each individual's personality, his or hers physical capabilities and on blending everything together to meet the criteria required by the respective category.
Contact me with confidence, because you and your hard work deserve top notch presentation!

Your personal posing coach

Martina Lepčin

About Me

I've always been a great fan of sports. I entered the world of bodybuilding in early 90's when I started working out with the prominent competitors of the time. Recreational training soon turned into a competitive sport. I stood at the stage for the first time after a difficult knee operation in 1997. After finishing my competitive career, I started using my spare time to help competitors from several federations with posing and presentation. With time, posing teaching became my passion and calling. Today, after many years and hundreds of athletes from all parts of the world, I still look forward to every cooperation, every new client, whether that is an established champion, professional or someone who will stand on the stage for the first time. 1983-1993 I have been actively practicing Tae-kwon-do in “Centar” club in Zagreb.
Since 1992, I actively pursued fitness in categories “fitness” and “body fitness”, where I accomplished a successful career as a competitor:
  • 1998 1st Croatian Championship in Zagreb - women fitness 3rd place
  • 1999 2nd Croatian Championship in Zagreb - women fitness 3rd place
  • 2000 3rd Croatian Championship in Zagreb - women fitness 3rd place
  • Grand Prix “BROD OPEN” - women fitness 3rd place
  • IFBB European Championship – 12th place
  • 2006 WFF EUROPA CUP OPEN in Riga - fitness 1st place, Absolute winner
  • WFF European Championship in Moscow - fitness 1st place
  • GRAND PRIX “NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS” in Zagreb – body fitness 3rd place
  • GRAND PRIX “BIHAĆ OPEN” – body fitness 2nd place WFF GRAND PRIX “SLOVAKIA OPEN” - fitness 3rd place
  • GRAND PRIX “LJUBLJANA OPEN” – fitness 3rd place
  • WFF WORLD PRO CHAMPIONSHIP in Vilnius - fitness 2nd place
  • Strength and conditioning and fitness coach to the First female mountain climbing expedition “CHO-OYU” in 2008 and Everest in 2009
  • 2007 - present - Posing Coach to numerous athletes from the region, USA and other countries - I hold many workshops and seminars and travel as a guest lecturer


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